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Probison Vegan Protein Sources

Word on the block is that vegans don’t get enough protein in their diet due to their heavy dependence on plant-based foods and fruits. Maybe that’s why newly converted vegans might be second-guessing their decision and trying to find ways around the primitive thinking that man must hunt animals and devour them to survive. Despite popular opinion; there are various practical as well as delicious ways to incorporate the recommended portion of protein into your vegan diet. Here are some vegan protein sources

Lentils Are The Way To Go

Lentils are not only easy to cook but provide a great way to add some protein into your diet even if you have them on alternate days or a couple of times a week. Just bear in mind that they add more fiber than protein so you will want to go easy on your stomach. If you are just starting off a lentil soup with a side of garlic bran bread can be a tasty and fulfilling meal after a long day.

Do It Like Tofu

Tofu is incredibly versatile and eaten quite commonly with a variety of seasonings like mustard. If you are unsure about lunch, have a tofu sandwich seasoned with pepper and spices and since the texture of this dish can be a real task to chew, it feel filling and can keep you from binging at 4 o’ clock.

Be The Beans

Black beans are brilliant for fiber but what is a lesser known fact is that they are a rich source of protein as well. As long as they are not white, they will have less starch or will be more antioxidant-rich when compared with white beans or other types of beans from the legume family. You can make sandwiches, burritos or soups; adding spices any way you like for a tasty protein filled treat!

Being Keen On Quinoa

A lot of people are allergic to gluten regardless of whether they are vegan or not which is why quinoa can be a good substitute for a lot of gluten loaded grains and seeds which are purposefully avoided. This grain is also loaded with fiber and magnesium. It can be cooked to resemble a dish like oatmeal or even baked into cookies.

Organic Soy Milk

Soy milk is not only a brilliant substitute for regular cow based milk but also an effortless way to add protein in your diet by having a glass in the morning. There is some speculation to suggest it prevents cancer but that research is in the early stages. It helps with heart health also due to the phytosterols and some good fats.


Peas are the perfect side dish for brown rice, sandwiches and salads. They pack in minimal calories and give a good protein punch. Add in a couple of artichokes to your daily salad and you are golden. Almonds Not only do these make a good on-the-go snack when you feel your energy level plunging, almond butter is a nice treat as well which is rich in protein if you have as little as two tablespoons every other day.  


Vegan protein powder is digestible and can easily increase your protein intake. There are a lot of vegan protein powders available on the market Most commonly pea, rice, hemp protein is used, or combination of these ingredients You can also try our vegan protein powder supplements

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