Vegan bulking meal plan

Vegan bulking meal plan

The vegan bulking meal plan can be confusing for beginners. Quit worrying about whether you need to take 1.000035 or 1.000055 gram of protein per kilo of your body weight. Don’t stress over choosing the best protein powder – do you need 70%, 80%, 90 %, in a black pot or in a white pot, does the brand matter? There’s so much information out there that makes bulking seem much more complicated than it really is. All it really comes down to is: calories! Basic energy balance rules can simplify your bulking plan – consume more calories than you burn, and you will gain muscle. Let’s break down bulking into three basic components, without all of the crazy calculations: • Train enough!• Eat enough!• Rest enough!

Train Enough

So , every training day we will do Biceps curls , 50 reps, and 10 series. Nope! To grow we need to do the following: • Heavy Deep Squats• Heavy Bench-Press• Heavy Dead LiftBe sure that you’re maintaining proper form and technique through all of the exercises! For more tips on minimalist bulking check out this highly recommended bulking routine.

Eat Enough

Basic energy balance shows us that to gain bodyweight and bulk up we need to consume more calories than our body uses, including exercise and basal metabolic burning. If our intake of calories is lower than the amount of calories our body uses, we lose weight. To ensure that the newly gained weight is more muscle than fat, it’s important to choose the right source of calories. Calories can be broken down into three sets of macronutrients: carbs, fats, and proteins.

Complex Carbs:

Complex carbs are best for training because they break down slowly into the body. Simple carbs (like white bread and sugary snacks) break down into glucose faster and are stored as fat more quickly. Some sources of complex carbs include: • Oats • Rice • Buckwheat • Millet • Amaranth • Potatoes (cooked with water)


Did you know that all foods contain some protein? Most vegetables have a bit of protein, but for an added boost consume these high-protein sources: • Beans • Lentils • Tempeh • Tofu • Seitan • Oat / Rice / Soy / Almond / Poppy / Hemp milk • Protein powder

Healthy Fats:

Don’t be too afraid of fats! Healthy fats in food don’t always equate to fat on the body, and some fat in the diet is vital for proper body functioning. Here are some of the healthiest sources of fats: • Avocado • Nuts & seeds • Coconut oil • Olive oil


Supplements are a great idea to add to a healthy eating plan to ensure that you’re getting enough protein and nutrients in your diet. Protein supplements are particularly useful for vegans trying to bulk.

Vegan bulking meal plan

Vegan bulking meal plan:

Here’s an example of what a typical day of eating would look like for a 200 lb vegan bodybuilder: Have a glass of clean water as soon as you wake up!

Meal 1 (Breakfast):

Try making a smoothie, pancakes, waffles, or oat mash using ingredients from all of the three macronutrient categories: • Complex Carbs: Oats / Rice / Buckwheat / Millet / Amaranth / Banana • Healthy Fat: Peanut butter • Protein: Plant-based Milk + Protein Powder

Meal 2 (Snack):

Simple or “quick” carbs, such as apples and bananas, can be energizing before a workout! • Complex Carbs: Oats / Rice / Buckwheat / Millet / Amaranth • Simple Carbs: Apple • Healthy Fats: Avocado • Source of Protein: Protein Powder

Meal 3 (Lunch):

Salad, pasta, or rice bowls can make a great midday meal: • Complex Carbs: Oats / Rice / Buckwheat / Millet / Amaranth / Potatoes / Pasta • Healthy Fats: Oil • Protein: Beans / Lentils / Tofu / Tempeh / Seitan

Meal 4 (Post-workout):

After a workout is the most important time to get your protein in! Try making a smoothie or oatmeal with high protein. • Carbs: Oats / Banana / Apple / Orange • Healthy Fats: Avocado / Oil / Peanut butter • Protein: Plant-based Milk or Protein Powder

Meal 5 = Repeat Meal 3 Meal 6 = Repeat Meal 1

Rest Enough

Finally, the rest is a very important part of your training regimen! During sleep is when cells and muscles grow. Go to sleep early and dream about your new muscle growth! Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Did you find this article useful? Post a comment below and let us know what you thought, or if you have any suggestions!

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