Vegan breakfast ideas For Everyday

Vegan breakfast ideas For Everyday

Have you found that the pounds just aren’t dropping off despite a rigorous exercise routine? It could be because you are skipping breakfast or simply not eating enough in the morning to give you the energy you need to lead a more active day ahead.   Here are some Vegan breakfast ideas

Orange Juice And Juicing

Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C which pumps up production of collagen and prevents cardiovascular dysfunction and disease. The best option is to squeeze the pulp of a fresh orange rather than downing a glass of store bought juice which is packed full of preservatives. If you don’t like the taste of orange juice you can opt for the concept of juicing in which various vegetables including kale and spinach are juiced so that the maximum amount of nutrients can be extracted.

Oats And Porridge

Instead of going for the sugary cereal, boil a handful of oats and have them with a splash of almond milk which is rich in calcium, iron and zinc which provides a lot of energy. This sort of breakfast also has considerable fiber which will keep you from reaching for a packet of chips at noon. If you are hard pressed for time, buy the instant oats and packaged quick porridge which is almost as good.

Bars Of Breakfast

If you find you never have time for breakfast it might be a sensible choice to invest in a large box of cereal bars or granola bars. Not only can you find entirely vegan varieties, it can be a delicious and nutritious breakfast on the go with minimal effort on your part. On weekends though, put in the extra effort of fixing yourself something more wholesome like a tofu omelet or chickpea pancake.

Take Your Vitamins

Most people tend to be deficient in folic acid which can take a toll on your energy levels and leave you feeling tired and lethargic and unable to work out properly. If you are looking to regulate a lot of bodily functions such as detoxing and getting your daily kick of vitamins especially folic acid then you can’t go wrong with Super Greens which is an all-encompassing supplement. It has some proteins with a vegetable origin, rich antioxidants from Acai berry and Bilberry and vitamins to make sure you have the energy to lead the kind of active life you want. Your metabolism tends to be at its highest at breakfast time. This is why you can get away with eating a lot of things like the occasional slice of bread with jam which would cost you tons in terms of calories when consumed at any other time in the day. You can swap the jam for avocado or quinoa if you want to go the healthier route.

Food In A Glass

You can’t go wrong with a smoothie. All you need are fruits of your choice like berries, mangoes, bananas or apples (anything you have at hand) and blend it with coconut water or juice. It saves you time as you can have it on the go and gives you enough nutrition and a feeling of fullness to last you till lunch time. If you are hesitant about cutting fruit in the morning you can simply buy some frozen varieties so it is easier to toss everything in the blender and be good to go. If you include spinach in your smoothie or other fiber rich foods such as pomegranate, carrots, and chia seeds, you will see the effects of healthy digestion in your life and it goes further than simply flushing out toxins. You will see changes in weight, better bowel movements and a normalcy in blood sugar levels without any spikes or lows. A good breakfast could quite simply change your life.

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