Pre And Post Workout Tips

Probison Workout Tips

While working out is all it is cranked out to be, it is still necessary to not only take the time to engage in the proper nutrition but also the proper stretches so that your muscles can be fully engaged in fat burning without possible tearing or harm. Pre and post workout shakes are the quickest and simplest ways to replenish lost nutrients and boost energy levels. Furthermore, simple stretches done before and after sessions can protect you from muscle tear so that you can safely increase your stamina over time and reach your goal of the perfect body.

Stretches Before A Powerful Workout

In order to burn the most fat you need to have your body primed but not exhausted. It is best to focus on most ranges of motion which will maximize your level of flexibility according to your body weight of course and the type of workout you have planned out ahead. Hold each position for only 10 seconds so you aren’t wearing yourself out before the real exercise begins. Dynamic exercises are great because they are going to increase the heart rate and temperature and adjust your balance and the awareness of your body. To start off a fat busting workout, do sets of jumping jacks, glute bridges, reaching and lunging, and skipping in place.

Powering Your Body Before A Workout

It is a well established fact that you should not gobble down anything just before beginning your stretches which makes shakes an hour or two before the perfect combo. The key is to have the energy to give the workout everything you have got in a base that the body can easily absorb and put to use without adding too many calories which are going to harm you in the long term. Add half a scoop protein powder of your choice, 12 ounces nonfat plant-based milk (almond or soymilk), any fruit you like, peanut or almond butter, blend till smooth; you can add ice and more milk depending on the kind of consistency you like. Drink it about any hour before hitting the gym.

Cooling Down After A Workout

Static stretching is the way to go after a workout as you don’t want to strain yourself too much and the key is to cool down the muscles, relax them and lower the temperature of the body. This sort of passive stretching is usually done with the help of a second person such as a trainer at a gym who bends various muscles to aid in the relaxation process.Usually the positions are held for 30 seconds each and repeated up to six times. Usually the positions are held for 30 seconds each and repeated up to six times.

Post Workout Shakes

A quick option which is easy and effortless to whip up when you are worn out after the gym is a simple protein shake with a spoonful or two of protein powder with almonds, nut butter, and maybe some chia seeds if you are in the mood. The nut butter is mainly to add back some of the lost carbs but to not overdo it as you will have a proper meal later on.

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