5 Vegan Diet Tips for Weight Loss

5 Vegan Diet Tips For Weight Loss

Vegan diets are brilliant for weight loss since they not only boil down food to purer sources but you will be ingesting a lot more whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables which will bring down your calorie count and provide you with more energy which will get you moving and hence utilizing those fat cells you have got piling up. Here are 5 Vegan Diet Tips for Weight Loss:

Be As Vegan As They Come

Often in the vegan section of supermarkets, they will try to sell you ‘enriched’ grains or cereals and oats which have been ‘fortified’ and it is important to never fall for that as these are always marketing fads. Opt for pure farmer’s market quinoa, barley, oats and whole grains and you will get the full benefit and will lose the weight too as there will be no fake preservatives and hidden calories.

Lots Of Liquids

Drinking lots of water and healthy liquids like coconut water and fresh juices not only help with hydration which lets your body let go of excess water weight it also helps with a loosening of toxin buildup which we all have in our bodies.

You can also incorporate green tea and herbal teas like oolong and lemongrass tea into your routine to jump up the detoxification process which goes hand in hand with weight loss. Furthermore, you might be holding on to excess weight if you are frequently constipated.

Cut Out Most Types Of Sugar

Sometimes even natural sugar can be bad which is why if you are trying to lose weight you should limit intake of sugar-rich fruits like mangoes and cherries. Artificial sweeteners are notorious for being neurotoxins and should be avoided especially popular ones like Aspartame and Saccharine.

Small Meals More Often

No one said you need to eat less in order to lose weight; you just need to be smart about it. Make smaller meals for yourself and consume them on a more regular basis like a smoothie before lunch and a brown bread cucumber sandwich an hour before dinner.

Weight-Loss Vegan Smoothies

The spinach and blueberry smoothie is simple yet brilliant and all you need is a cup of blueberries, 2 cups of spinach, a chopped banana, chopped mango and ice and a masterpiece emerges.

Making a melon smoothie can be great for weight loss and keeping you full and hydrated and all you need is cantaloupe and some ice to your liking.

A strawberry smoothie is a popular one due to all the antioxidants it holds and all you can need to make it are 12 frozen strawberries, a cup of plant-based yoghurt, maple syrup as desired, raspberries as desired, and a banana and ice on top. Enjoy!

Intermittent Fasting Days

This doesn’t mean you starve yourself for two days straight; it merely means that you will have fewer calories than usual on those days and have planned meals and not deviate from those set meals like for example papayas and coconut water. This programs your body to burn those calories like crazy even if it does take some getting used to.

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